Hang On.

June 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

I would ‘go on a tangent’ about how important it is to reflect, to take a second and check where we’re at – mentally, physically, emotionally – but this song says it all. Put your head phones on and let Brandi Carlile sing her heart out. You’ll ask yourselves a few questions….and wish you could sing like her by the end of it.


Happy Tuesday :)



A simple Sunday reminder.

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If you try your very best to remember to do this, every moment of your day will just feel a little better. Promise.



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Not much feels better than the freedom of thought, speech and spirit. I am the type that craves open road, adventure, and change…and I have grown comfortable with the notion that my soul will forever remain a curious wanderer.

Hitting the road this weekend, heading further into the mountains with my love and our pooch. Two sleeps away and I can already feel the dirt and smell the burning camp fire.

Staying inspired.


click the picture for image link and a number of inspiration blogs to keep you going til the weekend…

This Long Weekend….

May 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

I wish I was going here!!  To Muskoka, where many memories have been made, and subsequently forgotten. Where nights were spent sleeping on the roof, Bacardi Rum flowed like a small waterfall, and pad thai was “healthy”. The smell, the sounds, the happiness that float around Muskoka make for the perfect place to spend a long weekend. Or, in mine & LB’s case, a summer to never forget.

Where has the road taken you this long weekend?

Cheers people!


Better than Candy!

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Don’t these wonderful DIY party hats make you want to host a party?! They remind me that you don’t really need a reason to celebrate or a special occasion to host a party…perhaps you could even wear these hats just to make a Spring Day really super fun. For instance, I bet a patio mimosa would taste reeeeally good wearing one of these….

Whatever your occasion, or non-occasion, consider sporting the party hat to your next Spring Soiree! Thank you for the inspiration, http://lefrufrublog.blogspot.ca.


Up, Up and Away

May 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Have you seen the movie “Up”?

If not, drop what you’re doing and find the nearest video store…you won’t be disappointed. I absolutely love when people take ideas to the next level.

A courageous team of hot air balloon pilots and engineers teamed up to turn this fictional story into reality, and what a blast they had! Read the full story here. 

Experimentation. Realization. Investigation. Isn’t that what this crazy life is all about?



May 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Pure, old fashion imagination. Don’t ever forget how that feels.



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