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Lately i’ve been thinking a lot about how empowering a project is.

Whether it’s work, gardening, cooking, painting, reading or planning a trip, little projects have a way of instilling a sense of purpose and empowering you to keep learning.

This notion proves true when it comes to Anna Williams, my latest and greatest role model. Anna is a photographer who pushes herself on both creative and technical levels, and uses ‘projects’ to expand her vision. “Verocity” is just one example of her work. Exploring hunger, consumption and beauty, this initiative defines creative exploration in it’s ability to both capture and tell a story in unison.

Take on something new.





From The Garden.

May 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

Last week I decided to infuse some olive oil with fresh Rosemary from my window sill. You’re supposed to let it sit in a cool place for over a week, buuut I got a little antsy and gave it a taste last night. To sum it up simply – fresh bread and homemade olive oil are (not surprisingly) a match made in heaven.

Give it a try! I followed this recipe, but there are many variations out there! Tonight I am attempting my first homemade loaf of bread, fingers crossed it’s as great a success…

Not much smells better than fresh Rosemary in the Spring :)


When Old is New Again.

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I recently had the amazing opportunity to take a wonderful road trip to PORTLAND, Oregon. I knew I was signed up for mega beer tasting and exploring in a brand new city…but I had no idea what a huge impression Portland would have on me. The thing that stood out the most, was this city’s outstanding and inspiring ability to reuse. To reduce consumption and recycle old belongings, to refresh old furniture, actually make use of compost bins on every block, and pride themselves on vintage finds. We actually agreed by the end of our trip that it would be more difficult to find something brand-spanking-new in the city than just embrace the ole “what’s old is new again” mentality.

In my mind, this makes nothing but great sense in a World that suffers from a potentially fatal case of over consumption. Besides, who wouldn’t rather boast about a hundred year old chest of drawers, a DIY lamp, or a vintage record player than the latest hard-as-rock sofa on sale at The Brick? Common people.

Anyways, visit Portland if you ever get the chance. It will steal a little piece of your heart to keep as its own; and recycle your creative energy  to inspire the city’s brilliance.


Until you can pack your car and take a trip to the Coast, visit to get a real taste of the Portland vibe.

Real life

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During a little inspiration quest one morning I stumbled upon this photo and fell in love…

Not to long after, Robyn walked into this perfect scenario during her visit to Portland…

Sometimes life just gives you little treats … because you deserve them.


Some Sunday Listening…

March 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

The Young Empires are joining me for coffee this morning… great company.


A Role Model: Bec Brittain

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Bec Brittain: About.

Bec Brittain has done it all. From industrial design, to philosophy, to architecture, her creative force is not one to be reckoned with! Take a peek at some of her projects, and gather some inspiration from the magnitude and brilliance of her right brain genius.

Not only does her craftsmanship leave me wide-eyed, but her determination and success in the industry motivates me to keep on keepin’ on!

Can’t stop looking.

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Pour yourself a tea, or a glass of red, and just spend some time enjoying this little online paradise.



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