When Old is New Again.

April 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

I recently had the amazing opportunity to take a wonderful road trip to PORTLAND, Oregon. I knew I was signed up for mega beer tasting and exploring in a brand new city…but I had no idea what a huge impression Portland would have on me. The thing that stood out the most, was this city’s outstanding and inspiring ability to reuse. To reduce consumption and recycle old belongings, to refresh old furniture, actually make use of compost bins on every block, and pride themselves on vintage finds. We actually agreed by the end of our trip that it would be more difficult to find something brand-spanking-new in the city than just embrace the ole “what’s old is new again” mentality.

In my mind, this makes nothing but great sense in a World that suffers from a potentially fatal case of over consumption. Besides, who wouldn’t rather boast about a hundred year old chest of drawers, a DIY lamp, or a vintage record player than the latest hard-as-rock sofa on sale at The Brick? Common people.

Anyways, visit Portland if you ever get the chance. It will steal a little piece of your heart to keep as its own; and recycle your creative energy  to inspire the city’s brilliance.


Until you can pack your car and take a trip to the Coast, visit http://porchlightportland.wordpress.com/ to get a real taste of the Portland vibe.


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