Write it Down.

April 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

If you’re anything like LB and I, you love to write things down. More often than not, I will write things down twice, doodle strange little patterns, or pretend that I know how to sketch the perfect rose. I will rewrite my signature so many times I go into a trance like state and forget what I’m doing. I will checkerboard an entire sheet of paper, and fill in blank spaces with fun words, polka-dots, and scribbles. Since I was old enough to fist-grip a pen, this has been my habitual routine.

Perhaps this is why the following MAKE YOUR OWN NOTEBOOK DIY really caught my attention! We’ve been talking about craft nights lately…and I really hope this makes the list!

Thank-you http://www.designlovefest.com for the inspiration!


Thank-you http://www.designlovefest.com for the inspiration!




April 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

My new obsession this week?  This table cloth.

It just makes me so happy! All I want to do is walk bare foot through a meadow with a basket of cheese, loaf of bread and bottle of red wine.

I’ve been quietly sourcing new ideas for a certain celebration this year and was lucky to have been pointed in this direction. Marvelle Events has stolen my heart and will be spending a very special day with us. Thank you!

Can’t WAIT!


Just another perfect nook…

April 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

So, it happened again, I stumbled upon another one of my dream shops.

Penny & Co is tucked away in little Whitby Ontario….road trip anyone?

From re-apolstering vintage sofas to painting lamp shades, owner Michael Penny sure knows how to dig up lost treasures and give them the attention they deserve. Until we open our own vintage workshop, we will continue to gawk and live vicariously through these brilliantly bold souls who take the leap and open their dream shops.

Robyn – we’ve got some planning to do sister. xo



When Old is New Again.

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I recently had the amazing opportunity to take a wonderful road trip to PORTLAND, Oregon. I knew I was signed up for mega beer tasting and exploring in a brand new city…but I had no idea what a huge impression Portland would have on me. The thing that stood out the most, was this city’s outstanding and inspiring ability to reuse. To reduce consumption and recycle old belongings, to refresh old furniture, actually make use of compost bins on every block, and pride themselves on vintage finds. We actually agreed by the end of our trip that it would be more difficult to find something brand-spanking-new in the city than just embrace the ole “what’s old is new again” mentality.

In my mind, this makes nothing but great sense in a World that suffers from a potentially fatal case of over consumption. Besides, who wouldn’t rather boast about a hundred year old chest of drawers, a DIY lamp, or a vintage record player than the latest hard-as-rock sofa on sale at The Brick? Common people.

Anyways, visit Portland if you ever get the chance. It will steal a little piece of your heart to keep as its own; and recycle your creative energy  to inspire the city’s brilliance.


Until you can pack your car and take a trip to the Coast, visit http://porchlightportland.wordpress.com/ to get a real taste of the Portland vibe.

Real life

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During a little inspiration quest one morning I stumbled upon this photo and fell in love…

Not to long after, Robyn walked into this perfect scenario during her visit to Portland…

Sometimes life just gives you little treats … because you deserve them.


It’s easter

April 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

New Years isn’t the only time you can make changes in your world. Use this Easter as a chance to leap into spring with the freshness you deserve and the boldness you’ve been looking for. It’s all happening…and it’s all so good.



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