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February 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

The Brick House.

If this (link above) isn’t one of the best DIY projects you’ve seen in a while, I’ll be surprised! It’s the perfect time of year to start dreaming up Spring ideas for your garden nook, or to add a hit of magic to any space in your home. 

If you aren’t lucky enough to stumble across the Eames LTR base (used here), try finding any ole awesome stand to take its place. Spare wood kicking around in the garage from your hubby’s latest fixer upper? Use it. Or pay a visit to the cute carpenters at the local wood yard. 

Go get your hands dirty DIYers. It’s that time of year.





My Kinda Girl.

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As if being born in New York during the 60s isn’t rad enough. Lindsey Adelman’s designs are bright and naked enough to make any lighting designer wonder how she got so cool. I am personally inspired by her ability to make industrial scraps look flawlessly beautiful. Marrying raw functionality with organic form has proved successful once again. 

I hope to apply this delicate craftsmanship to my own projects one day…soon.








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Incredible vintage refrigerators from Portobello Street.


Need One.

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