A longing.

August 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

I live in the beautiful British Columbia, where my words get stolen everytime I try to express how much I love the mountains.  Before this, I was a true city dweller.  Set up in the heart of Queen West, Toronto, I loved everything about the hussle and bussle – the loud street cars in the middle of the night, the eleven coffee shops per city block, and the ability to emerge myself in culture at any moment.  My life was filled with creative outlets and people, as I was exposed to new artforms and inspired by talent daily.

Not to say the mountains don’t offer creativity and inspiration…but here, it is accessible in a different form.  Here, you have to find it within yourself, rather than looking to external places for new expressive techniques and opportunities.  I like to think I am succeeding in this, but there are days I do miss having Creativity at my doorstep.

Passing by shops like this, for example, that ignite my love for lighting and reinforce my passion…I can’t wait to drown myself in all of this on my next trip home.  For now, I will admire from the glossy pages of my design magazines and explore with the click of a mouse.

These, I love.



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