In and Out.

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If you are, you breathe.

If you breathe, you talk.

If you talk, you ask.

If you ask, you think.

If you think, you search.

If you search, you experience.

If you experience, you learn.

If you learn, you grow.

If you grow, you wish,

If you wish, you find.

If you find, you doubt.

If you doubt, you question.

If you question, you understand.

If you understand, you know.

If you know, you want to know more.

– Anonymous


Days that feel good.

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Ever have those days that no matter what goes on in each moment, you just feel unexplainably good?  I had one yesterday.  Every person I came in contact with was uplifting and bright.  Every song I heard was soft and bouncy.  Every thought was inspirational and happy.  I was one of those annoyingly smiley people you see walking down the sidewalk alone, grinning from ear to ear for no apparent reason…and it felt simply great.

It’s almost like (without getting too sentimental) everything is exactly how it’s meant to be. For one perfect day, all stars align, all ducks are in a row, and nothing negative fringes on your ‘day that feels good.’

I hope everyone has one soon…


I spy simple

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To R,

Just because I want you to feel how I felt after looking as these photos…

From L.

The Red Balloon Photography

The Red Balloon Photography

The Red Balloon Photography

Art + Recipes

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… Ok, so maybe i’m obsessed….

But how amazing are these recipes!

Sunday love

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What is it about baking that makes everything feel more homely? The smell of fresh bread and pastries might be one of life’s greatest gifts. I myself have not mastered the art…often filling the void with vanilla scented candles and daily trips to the neighbourhood cafe. Regardless, come fall learning to bake will be added to my ever expanding ‘to do’ list.

For your own baking inspiration, watch this video.

From the talented hands of tiger in a jar...aka my new source of procrastination.



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So, I know it seems as though i’ve been crushing on bikes a little hard lately. Maybe it’s because I  myself have grown particularly attached to my little black beauty – recent Kijiji purchase – or perhaps it’s a bigger movement.

The Good Bike Project is one of the many reasons why I love this city.

It all began when Vanessa Nicholas and Caroline Macfarlane of OCAD, lent a bit of their creativity to an abandoned bicycle out side their work.

What followed? An enthusiastic response from the public and a new form of street art. Now, with 30 color coded bikes displayed around the city, The Good Bike Project is touching the hearts of even the most surprising of citizens.

It’s funny what a little splash of color can accomplish with motivated minds.

For the full story click here and to follow their blog, here.


A longing.

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I live in the beautiful British Columbia, where my words get stolen everytime I try to express how much I love the mountains.  Before this, I was a true city dweller.  Set up in the heart of Queen West, Toronto, I loved everything about the hussle and bussle – the loud street cars in the middle of the night, the eleven coffee shops per city block, and the ability to emerge myself in culture at any moment.  My life was filled with creative outlets and people, as I was exposed to new artforms and inspired by talent daily.

Not to say the mountains don’t offer creativity and inspiration…but here, it is accessible in a different form.  Here, you have to find it within yourself, rather than looking to external places for new expressive techniques and opportunities.  I like to think I am succeeding in this, but there are days I do miss having Creativity at my doorstep.

Passing by shops like this, for example, that ignite my love for lighting and reinforce my passion…I can’t wait to drown myself in all of this on my next trip home.  For now, I will admire from the glossy pages of my design magazines and explore with the click of a mouse.

These, I love.


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