June 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Feeling good in your own skin isn’t about being thin or trim;  it isn’t about who looks best in a bikini, or how you rate on a scale.  Comfort in your skin is about looking in the mirror and loving who you see.  It’s confidence.  It’s radiance.  It’s beauty, in whatever way you feel it.  It’s getting lost in your own moment and feeling the freedom of being you.  It’s feeling vibrant.  It’s speaking your mind.  It’s giving into cravings without losing control.  It’s surrounding yourself with love;  it’s giving all the love you have to give.  It’s finding your passion.  It’s following your dream.  It’s sharing a laugh, and connecting with a stranger.  Comfort in your skin is about finding who you are, and expressing it wholeheartedly.

‘Find your voice, and speak your truth.’

Julia Mccabe is a yoga teacher here in Whistler. Check her out for inspiration and breathtaking photos!



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