Dear photograph.

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This new blog invites the world to capture old photographs within the present. Looking through them makes me sad and happy at the same time. Sort of makes you stop and think about all the in between…

Slow down, because time flies.



3191 miles apart.

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After blogging about their individual mornings for one entire year, Stephanie and Mav continue to share their simple yet inspiring lifestyles.

Through beautiful photography, innovative recipes and a thoughtful perspective, these two women explore the pleasures of each day and remind us all how easily happiness can be found.

If you’re looking for some new additions to your book collection, I suggest inviting 3191 Quarterly into your home. My copies live on my coffee table…


Love Jules Leather.

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It’s Farmer’s Market season here in Whistler!  This is not only my favourite time of year because it means the sun is shining and the lakes are sparkling…but also because I get to meet local artisans who feed off the land and persue their dreams.  These people constantly inspire and remind me that anything is possible – that jobs can be passionate, and that passions can lead to jobs.  That money can buy a lot of things, but not happiness.  And that all you need to make it happen, is an idea and some motivation.

Yesterday, my jaw dropped at Love Jules Leather booth.  Her work is unique and raw.  It’s individually handcrafted.  Designed to suit one person best, so that each piece remains its own.  Keeping Mother Earth in mind, vintage leather is often the name of the game; turning old classics into new staple pieces.

My favourite is the “bum bag“.  Perfect for my travels in the fall, I might just have to put this on my summer Wish List!  Looking forward to further exploring the raw talent we have here in our very own Whistler community. 

Check out Jules bio & more work here,


How simple delicious can be.

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During a recent glimpse into our Canadian past, I came across something ancient and appetizing called Bannock (BAHN-nuhk).  Also known as “frybread”, bannock is a traditional staple food found in North American native cuisine, dating back long before the 1860’s.  As an easy to prepare dish with minimal ingredients, it got the people by when times were tough.

Depending on who you ask, bannock may include a variety of ingredients and cooking methods – similar to Grandma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, all recipes call for slightly different pinches of this, and hints of that. As prepared by Canadian Aboriginals, it consists simply of flour, baking powder, and water.  These ingredients are mixed together, kneaded, and then fried in oil.  (Mmm!  Get the full recipe here.)  Served warm or cold, this basic dish is eaten on its own, or with a spread of your choice – butter, jam, honey, or my complete favourite, peanut butter!

On one of those days you’re wandering through your city itching to try something new, may I boldly suggest grabbing a good friend and a fresh brewed Americano.  Head to the closest multicultral cafe or baestro, and sit queitly with a piece of bannock.  As you enjoy each bite of the warm frybread, remember to pay respect to those that came before us, and remind us how simple delicous can be.

To learn more about bannocks cultural roots, visit this blog.


Atlas in hand.

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Today is a day to live. go. see. be. smile. chase. dream. conquer. document. remember. forget. try. risk. discover. uncover. relish. feel. reach. run. trust. fear. climb. apologize. forgive. take. give. understand. let go. touch. cherish. search. find.

Today is a day of you being you…so go, be you already.


A new leaf.

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What would you do if you had 40,000 reclaimed books lying around? Build a garden of course.

Berlin-based landscape architect Thilo Folkerts, along with artist Rodney Latourelle, are the gifted minds behind Jardin de la Connaissance (Garden of Knowledge), a unique outdoor library that features living books sown together by several varieties of mushrooms.

Page by page, a new story is told through the artistic pairing of words and gardens. This project brings books back to their natural setting and invokes the mythic relation between knowledge and nature.

I am lucky enough to be attending a lecture by Thilo Folkerts in the coming weeks, and will be sure to share the experience with you all.


Jardin de la Connaissance

Jardin de la Connaissance

Jardin de la Connaissance

Bouncing around in San Fransisco.

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I was reading one of my favourite blogs, Cup of Jo, and was enlivened by this beautifully playful commercial.

Love colour,  love bouncy balls (I oddly played with one the other day), and I love the song choice too.  If all commercials were this magical, I’d skip the feature presentation and watch the ads.

Take a minute to watch this, you’ll be happy you did.  Enjoy!


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