A talented old friend.

May 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

A friend L & I met years ago is taking his life for a serious ride. I remember sitting on a dock in the middle of the night with Jamie and his guitar.  We were both on summer adventures that lead us to Muskoka, surrounded by deep lakes and endless woods.  The voice that came out of this man (then teenager), was perfect for the setting.  Soft and coordinated, but not scripted and rehearsed.  You could tell he was still coming into his own, figuring out the next note, planning his next move.  He was good.

Now, I won’t say “I knew he was gonna make it”…but I mean, common,  I obviously knew he was gonna make it.  And now here he is.  Recording music that makes you beg for hot summer nights and campfires.  Songs that make you rock your head, and wish you learned to play the guitar so you could jam along.

Perfect camping music, great bbq background beats, and lovely road trip tunes…

“I’m gonna take this life for a ride, and I won’t stop at the sky…” Jamie Flegg

Jam on!



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