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Lately i’ve been thinking a lot about how empowering a project is.

Whether it’s work, gardening, cooking, painting, reading or planning a trip, little projects have a way of instilling a sense of purpose and empowering you to keep learning.

This notion proves true when it comes to Anna Williams, my latest and greatest role model. Anna is a photographer who pushes herself on both creative and technical levels, and uses ‘projects’ to expand her vision. “Verocity” is just one example of her work. Exploring hunger, consumption and beauty, this initiative defines creative exploration in it’s ability to both capture and tell a story in unison.

Take on something new.





Hang On.

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I would ‘go on a tangent’ about how important it is to reflect, to take a second and check where we’re at – mentally, physically, emotionally – but this song says it all. Put your head phones on and let Brandi Carlile sing her heart out. You’ll ask yourselves a few questions….and wish you could sing like her by the end of it.


Happy Tuesday :)


A simple Sunday reminder.

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If you try your very best to remember to do this, every moment of your day will just feel a little better. Promise.



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Not much feels better than the freedom of thought, speech and spirit. I am the type that craves open road, adventure, and change…and I have grown comfortable with the notion that my soul will forever remain a curious wanderer.

Hitting the road this weekend, heading further into the mountains with my love and our pooch. Two sleeps away and I can already feel the dirt and smell the burning camp fire.

Staying inspired.


click the picture for image link and a number of inspiration blogs to keep you going til the weekend…

From The Garden.

May 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

Last week I decided to infuse some olive oil with fresh Rosemary from my window sill. You’re supposed to let it sit in a cool place for over a week, buuut I got a little antsy and gave it a taste last night. To sum it up simply – fresh bread and homemade olive oil are (not surprisingly) a match made in heaven.

Give it a try! I followed this recipe, but there are many variations out there! Tonight I am attempting my first homemade loaf of bread, fingers crossed it’s as great a success…

Not much smells better than fresh Rosemary in the Spring :)


This Long Weekend….

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I wish I was going here!!  To Muskoka, where many memories have been made, and subsequently forgotten. Where nights were spent sleeping on the roof, Bacardi Rum flowed like a small waterfall, and pad thai was “healthy”. The smell, the sounds, the happiness that float around Muskoka make for the perfect place to spend a long weekend. Or, in mine & LB’s case, a summer to never forget.

Where has the road taken you this long weekend?

Cheers people!


Better than Candy!

May 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

Don’t these wonderful DIY party hats make you want to host a party?! They remind me that you don’t really need a reason to celebrate or a special occasion to host a party…perhaps you could even wear these hats just to make a Spring Day really super fun. For instance, I bet a patio mimosa would taste reeeeally good wearing one of these….

Whatever your occasion, or non-occasion, consider sporting the party hat to your next Spring Soiree! Thank you for the inspiration,